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What is Café?

By Anastasia Arvanites

Photo credits: Peter Stog for Lokl Cafe (

Lokl Cafe coffee cup held high as a toast.

Isn’t it funny how some foods and traditions, like drinking coffee and breaking bread, are enjoyed all around the globe, while others are not? Every country, region, town, has its own traditions and rituals, but a drink as simple as coffee has managed to break the barriers of culture and language across oceans and continents.

Lokl Cafe gleaming espresso machine
Photo credits: Peter Stog for Lokl Cafe -

Don’t get us wrong, coffee in itself can be bold and robust, depending on where it’s from or how it’s served. We merely mean to admire how this common drink has become both a staple drink and ritual experience for a variety of cultures.

For many, the day starts and ends with coffee; it’s a daily ritual. Known as “café” in a variety of languages, this flavorful drink is the first to touch our lips upon waking and the last to end our evening after dinner.

Two friends enjoying a coffee at Lokl Cafe

Café brings us together

For many, stopping by the local café is a way to meet with friends, family, and neighbors. Everyone has their go-to; a place they frequent to grab a coffee. Even if we plan to order a tea, we don’t say let’s go out for tea—we say let’s go out for coffee.

Woman enjoying a coffee with friends at Lokl Cafe in Morristown NJ.

A local coffee shop has its own identity; it acts as a meeting space, a place of connection for any and all in its community. This is especially true in European cultures, where most towns and neighborhoods have their own local spot.

Coffee pairs well with food, conversation, human connection—and it offers a universal experience unlike any other.

Whether it’s referring to the gathering place of friends, or simply describing the drink served in homes and shops, it’s clear that café brings us together. It connects us across cultural and physical boundaries, and provides a moment of ritual togetherness no matter where we are.

Thank you for coming with us. We will see you soon!

Friends enjoying a coffee at Lokl Cafe in Morristown, NJ


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