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LOKL Ambassador: From Coffee in Jerusalem to Condos in Morristown.

Story: Mark Ludas

Photo: Peter Stog

Life doesn’t always proceed in a straight line. Stops, bumps, and pivots are as common as changes in the weather. But if you find yourself in a place of gratitude, the journey can be worth it.

Emily Lafrinere is a Morristown resident and real estate agent at Compass Real Estate. When she’s not drinking coffee at LOKL, she’s helping people find the home of their dreams in the NYC-Metropolitan area and loving every minute of it.

But she didn't start out in real estate—or as a coffee drinker for that matter.

M: You’re currently in real estate, but you were in another field prior, right?

E: Yes, I worked in marketing. I did some direct mail, a lot of Google ads, websites, and things online, helping small-to-medium businesses grow. I did that for five years, and I’ve been in real estate for almost five years as well.

M: So, I guess you like being in real estate!

E: Yes, love it!

M: What do you love about it?

E: I love the interactions and meeting new people. I love touring houses and helping people; it’s such a monumental thing in someone’s life. I feel like I help people find their place in the world. In marketing, a campaign either works or it doesn’t, and sometimes you can even upset people, but with real estate you’re just helping them with one of their biggest life decisions. It’s such a happy feeling.

M: Actually seeing, firsthand, the impact you make?

E: Yes. You change people’s lives!

So, let’s touch on the subject of coffee for a second. Would you describe yourself as a “coffee person”?

E: Definitely!

M: What got you into coffee?

E: My dad likes to tease me about it. I was probably 21 years old, and I’d never had coffee before, but I went on a trip to Jerusalem and when I came back, I was like, “I’m a coffee drinker now!”

M: What was that experience like?

E: Well, my friend Brittany and I went to this little cafe in a public square; we were sitting outside, it was a beautiful summer day, people were riding bikes and wearing sunglasses. I’d never had a cappuccino before, so I ordered one, and I was like, “Hey, this is pretty good!” I’ve had an appreciation for it ever since.

M: And from then on, you were a coffee person.

E: I was! I used to not like the taste, but that changed because of where I was.

M: Sometimes the place makes all the difference—and the freshness. I mean, that coffee was probably grown in Yemen or UAE, not too far away.

E: Exactly. It’s amazing to even think about.

M: What is your favorite drink at LOKL?

E: The Fredo Cappuccino! I get it with oat milk, vanilla, and lavender.

M: What about food?

E: I like the spanakopita, the baklava, the eggplant sandwich....

M: You can’t have too many favorites.

E: No, you can’t! Now I'm going to have to go there and get it!

M: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

E: I have a beautiful two-year-old; her name’s Sofia. I also have a crazy golden doodle named Charlie, who you’ve probably heard barking throughout this entire call!

M: He sounds like a charming boy!

E: Wow, now I need a cappuccino after this!

M: I know what you mean!

It might have taken Emily a few twists and turns to find her true calling, but we’re glad she did. Maybe life is not about avoiding change, or trying to stick to one path “just because,” but rather getting out there, finding some perspective, and seeing what speaks to you.

Emily Lafrinere is a Licensed Real Estate Agent at Compass Real Estate in Morristown.

You can reach her at 732-725-7257 for a complimentary home evaluation.


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